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Why You Should Trust Those You Outsource To

Why You Should Trust Those You Outsource To

Why You Should Trust Those You Outsource To

So you know you need a good website, usually within a certain budget and have a vision for what you want it to look like. You may also know that your website needs to be mobile friendly, be optimised, have some ‘call to action’, ongoing SEO. It may be that you know you need to implement a Google AdWords campaign, increase your content across social media platforms, start blogging. You, your boss(es) and possibly even shareholders also want to see a return on investment, you need to see conversions; tangible evidence to demonstrate why you needed to pay somebody to do it and why it was worth it.

It may be that you’re the project or marketing manager, used to being in control and often implementing the strategies you have had signed off. It may be that you are the boss and that your company is your world. Whatever the case may be, it will always be hard moving over and letting someone else take the driver’s seat.

But at the same time, you realise you possibly don’t have the time, the knowledge, skills or indeed the interest to action certain decisions surrounding your digital marketing solutions and strategies. So, the decision is made to outsource and you (ironically) Google to find the right company or person in your area who may be able to help. Whatever your individual or business process is of choosing and instructing said company to help you, they are now on board. It may be that it was a large tender process, it may be that you had meetings tantamount to an interview as to whether this person/company is right for you. You may have given them a detailed brief or at that particular juncture, you don’t have the time to give them a brief (otherwise you “may as well have just done it yourself!”) and you tell them you don’t really have any set ideas of what you want as part of a design etc (but you certainly know what you don’t like).

So you have done all of the aforementioned to get to the point where someone is working for you and with you on this project, so why does it feel like they may be working against you? What is that sneaking feeling rising up the small of your back? Do these people not know what they are doing?! Why aren’t they listening to you?! Maybe miscommunication has ensued.

For example, you may have someone designing and implementing a new website or indeed your first website if you are a new company and when it is completed, it doesn’t meet your expectations; it looks nothing like how you imagined. This could be for a number of reasons. It could be as simple as the choice of images or for more technical user experience reasons. The changes you require may be something your designer agrees on however, there could be technical or marketing reasons behind the choices the designer made. Your designer does want you to be happy with the finished product but also wants to produce a website for you that will generate you that magic return on investment. So this is where trust comes in. You need to trust that the person or company you have outsourced to, has your best interests at heart. After all, they need recommendations and good reviews on Google too!

So it comes back to who you chose in the first place. Did you want to instruct someone every step of the way or did you want someone who would use their experience and expertise to help deliver the best results. As a business owner you may feel that you know exactly what you want; however, unless you are a marketing expert, your ideas may not translate well as a website. It is important to use the expertise of your website designer/digital marketer who will have tried your ideas before and know whether they work or not.

Just because you have seen a competitor or others marketing a certain way, doesn’t necessarily mean it works. Unless you have the opportunity to see their analytics, it could be that they are getting all their business from referrals and not even from their website. It comes back to the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Just because you think it looks good, doesn’t mean it works. It’s often easier to follow to the letter what the customer asks for than to advise and offer alternative ideas that may take longer but will give the best result overall. And don’t forget the reason you chose to outsource in the first place; time constraint, skill set, knowledge, and confidence.

trust – noun

  1. firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.
    “relations have to be built on trust”
    synonyms: confidence, belief, faith, freedom from suspicion/doubt, sureness, certainty, certitude, assurance, conviction, credence, reliance
    “a relationship built on mutual trust and respect”

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