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Website Hosting Services in Cornwall

When it’s time to put your website on the Internet, you’ll need a web hosting account— this is a place where you can put your new website online so people can access it. When it comes to finding a good web host provider it’s important that you find a good one.

We offer a range of different solutions from shared hosting, to dedicated servers

If you’ve ever visited a website and found that the page loaded very slowly, you know that there’s a direct ratio between the slowness and speed of a website and losing visitors. When you have a slow website people may think there’s something wrong with your website or even your company, when the fault is really with your web host.

Reliable Web Hosting in Cornwall

We offer speedy, reliable web hosting solution in a friendly environment. We’ve chosen Linux-based web servers, as these offer capabilities that we find superior in terms of serving web pages across the internet. Our range of services mean that as your business grows and your website visitors increase we can more your website to faster solutions.

We are resellers for two of the largest companies in the UK. We pick which host to use based on the website being hosted and the needs of that website. The benefits of using us as a reseller as apposed to going direct to the supplier are that we are often given deals that you wont get direct and we take care of all the technical aspects and you wont have to talk any technical talk if any issues arise.

Can’t move your website yourself? This is not a problem, we can arrange to move your website for you. We’ll take care of all of the details, so that everything is ready to go when your website is ready to go live.

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