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TOP 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

TOP 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

TOP 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

1. Facebook Advertising is Highly Effective

Social media advertising is becoming the most popular form of marketing. This is due to the low cost helping businesses get new leads and turn them into paying customers.

According to an eMarketer study, 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook to be the most effective social media advertising platform available to them.

Facebook Ads works equally well for both for B2C and B2B companies, and there are already so many success stories showing more than 5x increases in marketing results after advertising on Facebook.

Don’t worry it’s not to later to start advertising on Facebook, cost per clicks are still reasonably low compared to other platforms and there is an increase in numbers of Facebook users to market to.

2. Simple Set-Up Process and Fast Results

You don’t need to be huge company or have huge budgets to advertise on Facebook. In fact, a couple hundred pounds can get you lots of results.

Maybe that’s why 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages, and there are over 5 million business profiles on Instagram. If they can do it, so can you!

Setting up a Facebook Ad’s campaign can start off very quickly and you can see your results just as fast.

3. You Can Reach Your Perfect Audience

Facebook target audiences are highly customisable, making it possible for you to target people based on their interest, demographics, location, age, gender, actions on your website, engagement in your app/post or video, and much more.

This makes Facebook the best advertising network to target audiences with a high ROI (return on investment).

4. Easily Customise your Facebook Ad Campaign

With Facebook constantly adding new features including ad placements, video ads and instant article ads, there are so many opportunities for you to customise your advert to your target market.

In addition to being able to design your Facebook advert, you can also adjust:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Target audiences
  • Bidding
  • Delivery optimisation

With these options available to you Facebook Ads is the most customisable advertisting network available.

5. Facebook Is Adding New Features All the Time

Facebook are constantly adding new features and new ways for you to target your perfect customer. With messenger, instagram stories, live video being some of the latest features who knows what they will come out with next.

If you need help setting up Facebook Ad’s then contact us today!

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