Why text is more important than images when it comes to Photography SEO


Why text is more important than images when it comes to Photography SEO

Photography is a visual industry, people will base your skill on how your photos and images look. Traditional marketing for photographers is all about your portfolio and the quality and style of your photos, however when it comes to digital marketing and SEO the total opposite is the case. Google look for text and information as they can decipher that easier to determine if you are relevant for that particular search.

Most photographers like to keep their websites clean, showing off their high-quality photos and yes while showing what you can do is an important part of the sales process, it doesn’t give much for Google to go on. In order to rank your website high in Google, your website needs to tell your visitors and Google about your services and what the particular page is about. The high quality images on your website can’t be seen, Google has no idea what you are showing them. So you need to explain what you do, who you do it for and any other information you can thinks my be useful to the person searching. Once you have attracted the visitor to your site now you are found on Google you can use your high quality portfolio to convert them into a customer.

What About ALT tags?

ALT tags are useful yes and all the images on your website should have an alt tag. Your ALT tags might get your images listed in Google image search but this is unlikely to give the traffic you desire. ALT Tags will also give Google an indication of what the page is about but be careful how you title your images as this can do more harm than good.

How much text should I put on each page?

How much text should be on a webpage is a common debate for SEO expects, however we always say write what feels natural. Think about what your potential visitors would want to know, what sort of photography do you do? Who is your ideal customer? Where in the UK/World do you cover? What common questions do you get asked when people call? If you really need a number look for a minimum of 300 words. If you are stuck on what you should write on each page, we are more than happy to provide you with content creation services.

Content isn’t the only thing that Google are looking for when positioning your website in their search results, a whole list of things make up their algorythm including backlinks, page speed and mobile optimisation. However a common phrase in the SEO industry is ‘content is king’ so make sure your website has a good foundation with lots of content. Help Google and your visitors choose your business

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