Should You Target National OR Local SEO?

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Should You Target National OR Local SEO?

If you and your business is new to the world or digital marketing and SEO, you may be unsure as to which SEO strategy is right for your business. There are two types of strategy to think about when looking into SEO, these are local SEO and National SEO.

Many of the SEO techniques used are similar regardless of the strategy you decide to implement. The difference between national and local SEO are the terms and phrases you target, with local seo you will be looking to target locations, with national SEO you will be looking at targeting, brands and products/services you offer.

Local SEO Consultants

Local SEO strategies are normally used by small businesses offering their products/services to people in their local area. These sorts of businesses could be builders, plumbers, hairdressers, restaurants, health clubs, gyms, pest control companies, dentists and doctors to name a few. When working on Local SEO campaigns you should focus on location and the locations you cover should be mentioned in your content. There’s no point trying to target harder keywords that get searches all over the country if your business can only help local people/businesses, for one they will be harder to rank in Google and secondly you don’t want people taking up your time in phone calls/emails if you can’t help them.

The most important factor for local SEO is making sure you tell Google you can help local people and that your content is relevant for local search. You must also make sure that your business can be found on Google My Business, if your business is listed then it will show up in local map search results. Google My Business for local SEO relies on lots of citations to prove you are located where you say you are and customer reviews.

When targeting location SEO you will be looking to be found for phrases such as “pest control Cornwall” or “plumbers Newquay”.

It’s easier to get your website found using Local SEO than National SEO, allowing you to see a faster increase in traffic and sales.

National SEO Consultants

National SEO strategies are used if you have a product or service that you offer all over the country or even across the world! If you have an online shop or eCommerce store then national SEO will be for you as you can ship your products anywhere and don’t just require local clients.

With national SEO phrase you will be looking to be found for will be more generic such as “Cleaning Supplies” if you have an online store or “mens clothes” or even “pest control” if you offer a national service.

There are times when looking at a National SEO Strategy that you will also implement Local SEO as well, such as if you offer a national service but people sometimes look for a local company.

You can often find when targeting broad keywords/phrases that the competition includes companies such as eBay, Amazon or other large well established companies, in this case we need to consider our chances of ranking against these businesses. It doesn’t mean there is no point trying but we need to be clever which words/phrase we go for. We may even look into a Google Adwords campaign. We would also look into a stronger social media presence and update content to drive visitors to the site. A national SEO is more expensive than local due to the increased competition and the amount of work needed to get results.

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