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Social Media Management Cornwall

Gain more customers with Social Media

We can offer you a choice of social media management packages for your business, based on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you just wanting a quick and efficient solution for your business, or a fully optimised strategy, we’ve got the right plan for your business.

We work to make sure your audience remain connected and engaged with your brand.

Want to know the best part? Our creative designers can create bespoke images for you to use as profile images, cover photos and even original content for social posts.

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Facebook Management Cornwall

Everyone has heard of Facebook and the majority of the people you know will be on Facebook. Did you know Facebook can also be great for your business? Before Facebook, advertising your company and getting your brand out there was a difficult task. A successful Facebook Business Page, will give your business the brand awareness you want. Most people know how to use Facebook, but do you know how to run a successful business page? Do you know what you should be posting and what messages you should be sharing with your audience? Do you have a strategy? That is where we come in we take care of it for you.

Facebook Content

“Content is king” when it comes to marketing your business online. Content is actually the area most people struggle with when it comes to Facebook, what should you write? What images should you use? What’s your strategy? This is where we come in, we provide a strategy for your Facebook marketing campaign, produce your content and provide the artwork, you just leave it to us. Our creative team help businesses in Cornwall produce content that will take your Facebook page to the next level!

Facebook Audience

Growing your Facebook audience can be a long and lengthy process. The main thing to consider when working on a Facebook campaign is your audience… are you giving them the right content? Are they credible? Will they remain dedicated?

Paid Facebook Ads

The majority of social media platforms allow you to run paid ads and Facebook is no exception. Facebook is the perfect place to advertise your brand at a low cost compared to our marketing channels. With well over a billion users, can imagine the number of people you could reach? We help you come up with a strategy and Ad campaign that will provide you with a campaign that will sell your product or service. We work with businesses in Cornwall to increase brand awareness, sell services and sell products.

Facebook Ads can seem daunting but if setup successful with the right sales funnel in place this can return a very health ROI (Return on Investment)

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Instagram Managment

Did you know 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. It’s even processed 60,000 times faster than text based content, so if you want to leave your audience with an immediate and powerful message, Instagram is the social media channel for you.

Instagram is perfect for businesses that have something visual to show their audience. Fashion, tourism, retail and restaurants instantly come to mind, but if you have something visual to show your potential customer base then your business needs to be on Instagram.

We work with businesses around Cornwall to sell products and build brand awareness. We have clients who have successfully increased their business just through Instagram using it as their main marketing method.

Instagram Content

We can’t stress enough the importance of how your business and products appear when it comes to Instagram. Our social media and graphic design teams work closely together to make sure your businesses brand is sharing really striking and original images that your potential customers will stop and look at.

With Instagram it’s not all about the visual images and that’s the mistake many businesses make. You need to make sure that you display the right product information, URLs are included and using the right hashtags.

Building Instagram Followers

The saying “Flattery will get you everywhere” couldn’t be more true when it comes to Instagram. People on social media love to be followed by brands they like, and research shows it’s really effective way to get the most out of your followers, as well as increasing your follower base.

Our social media team will work hard to find the most relevant and potential valuable users for your business.

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Telephone: 01637 222 560 – Email: info@springermarketing.co.uk

Twitter Management

Are you too busy to post regular tweets? Or like many people just don’t know what to tweet about? We understand that many business owners simply don’t have the time, content or resources to run an effective Twitter marketing campaign. Our Twitter management service allows you to leave it all to us, we do everything for you.

We help businesses in Cornwall post regular content on Twitter based on a strategic marketing campaign.

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Social Media is no different to any other digital marketing channel, you need to have an understanding of what you’re doing and the consequences it may have on your campaign both immediately and for future results. As with most things with experience comes understanding. So before starting work on your Facebook Ad campaign, ask yourself, do you have the experience and skills to run your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages, without wasting both time & money? It makes more business sense to let us run your social media campaign.

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Telephone: 01637 222 560 – Email: info@springermarketing.co.uk

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Springer Marketing has helped develop my company right from the start. From fantastic web development and SEO to continued support and reliable service. Springer Marketing are who I recommend to everyone who may be looking to develop a new website or improve their current one. Springer Marketing are value for money and offer a service second to none, not only great website design but SEO, marketing advice, logo design and social media knowledge too. I cannot recommend Springer Marketing enough!

Louise Bater, Happiest Hounds

Thank you for the great creative work and amazing support building our website. An enthusiastic team, which pride themselves on a professional service. Highly recommended!

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Provided a free talk on marketing and offered support and advice before working on an advertising campaign. Thank you


We have used for many years and the traffic has increased each month. They are very patient and advice well.

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Springer Marketing offer a quality, prompt and friendly service. We are thrilled with the help we have received. Highly recommended!

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Really happy with the work Springer has done for our business. Our web site was delivered on time and at a great price, dwarfing the inflated offers from other site developers. I wont be going anywhere else having found Mike and his team.

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Such a pleasure doing business with Mike and Gemma. Such an easy process much more than I ever would have expected , within 20 minutes of meeting them they new exactly what I was looking for and they nailed it !
So so delighted with my new website…. would recommend to them to anyone

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