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A: SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It refers to the techniques we use to help your website to be found higher on Google and increase your traffic rates. There are two different types of SEO on-site and off-site.

A: On site SEO refers to anything we do directly on your website that may help to change your positions in Google. This can be anything from changing content, updating header tags, title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags, optimising images and page speed. Basically anything we do that alters your website directly.

A: Off-Site SEO is any work we do away from your website that will help build your websites authority and increase your websites rankings. Basically anything that will help gain more links towards your site. Off-site SEO is what the majority of people struggle with and what people need our help with.

A: Organic results are the results that appear in Google naturally based on their algorythm, these are the results we work on when working SEO. Paid results are delivered from Google AdWords, when you click on the link to that persons site they pay Google.

A: We work with a wide range of businesses including small start-ups, large corporations, non-profits, B2B, B2C. These businesses span across many industries including technology, food, fashion, health & beauty, campsites, tourism, travel, finance, arts and trades.

Over the years, we’ve helped businesses grow, sell their services and products. We are really proud of how our advice, website design and marketing services have helped our customers.

A:Meta descriptions don’t matter like they used to, they used to be a place to stuff keywords to improve your keyword positions. Now you should use your meta description to improve conversion rates. However for some search results Google now also generates their own description in the search results based on the users search and a section of text on your website that the user may find useful.

A: NO! this was an easy will to manipulate your rankings so Google stopped counting it as a factor.

A: No, pick a domain name that fits your business and brand, picking a domain because it has your keyword in it no longer effects your rankings.

A: No focus more on creating great content. If you write great content that tells people all they need to know about your product/service you will naturally mention set keywords. We recommend that people complete keyword research now to make sure we cover all the answers that people may have.

A: No, however if it is useful to the user to provide a link to another page then you should do so.

A: Yes you should make sure this is installed from day 1! It is important to know how many people are visiting your website and how they got to your website so you can track results.

A: You should think about what you need from SEO, more phone calls, more downloads, more sales. You should setup goals in analytics and keep track of these figures. Monitoring just traffic doesn’t allow you to see if this is helping your business or just gaining more visitors. You should also look at conversion optimisation as well.

A: If your website isn’t at number 1 already and if you are wondering if it ever will the answer is yes, however this might take a lot more time especially if your competitor is also having ongoing SEO and started before you. Think of it like a race, if you had a race with someone and they had a 100m head start and you were both putting in the same effort you would never catch up, if you were able to put in more effort (SEO budget) you might be able to catch up even over take.

A: Yes you can but not with SEO, this is called Google AdWords and you will pay a premium to be there and pay every time you receive a click to your website. We often recommend that new clients have a mixture of both Google AdWords and SEO.

A: The answer is maybe. It depends on what you are number 1 for. It may well be you are ranking for a keyword that has a low number of searchers we can see if you are missing out on searches for similar words and phrases. We can help you expand on your content and increase your rankings for other keywords. We can also look into optimising your website for conversions.

A: Yes you can many people have a go at doing their own SEO. However SEO is constantly changing, with our large portfolio of clients and test websites, we are able to track trends far easily than someone with just one site. Doing SEO with just 1 site can become costly once you start factoring in tools and services needed just to track trends. We constantly have to update and adapt our campaigns with the regular Google updates. Also if you are doing your own SEO who is running your business? Successful business owners know that outsourcing to specialists gets faster results. In the long run having us run your SEO campaign will save you loads of money. Let us do what we do, while you run your business.

A: No, after all Google isn’t out search engine so we cant guarantee a number 1 position and be wary of anyone who does. What we can do is to provide you of an estimate of when we think you will see fruits from our labour. We suggest our clients look at traffic levels and conversions instead of positions after all you don’t care about positions you care about gaining more customers and selling more of your product/service.

A: No, our clients stay with us and use our SEO services because of the fantastic work we do.

A: You pay at the end of each month. At the end of each month you will receive and SEO report showing how you campaign is going along with an invoice. Your invoice is due on receipt.

A: Yes we provide you with a report showing how your website did that month compared to previous months.

A: Sure we offer an SEO audit service where we will go through your website and give you a list of things that you need to do to improve your SEO. However like we have said before SEO isn’t a one time action, you will need continued reports and to keep making changes. However this can be a good first step, then once you have made the initial changes we can start work on ongoing SEO. People who ask for this are normally able to make changes to the on-site SEO but then need help with off-site SEO.

A: No this is an old way of pricing. The problem with this method is that we can no longer target specific keywords with SEO. Google changed how they rank websites, however this is now an advantage for you the website owner as they rank all content on a website, this means that you can be found for keywords and phrases you didn’t even think of. It also means you see traffic increases faster. What we work on is making sure your content is on point and your on-site SEO tells Google what your website is about. Our off-site SEO increases your websites authority as this increases you get found for more keywords and phrases and the more difficult keywords increase page by page. We price SEO based on how much work we need to do to give you an increase in traffic in a 4-6 month period to see a return on your investment.

A: If you want to increase your website traffic for organic searches then yes. Our clients who have had SEO have seen significant growth in their businesses. We have helped grow small businesses into large organisations.

A: The main benefits of SEO include:

  • Increased Traffic
  • ROI
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased site usability
  • Brand Awareness

A: We aim our clients SEO prices so they see results in 4-6 months of starting their campaign. We have seen results in month 2 for some clients however we like to set realistic timescales so people can budget accordingly. For really competitive industries we might set longer timescales.

A: No you don’t many people use other marketing techniques such as Google AdWords and Social media. However for the majority of businesses if you want to be found on Google then SEO offers the best ROI.

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