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SEO Keyword Research

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At Springer Marketing we can use you years of experience and tools to tell you which keywords people are typing into Google to search for the products or services your business offers. Using this information you can then add these keywords to your web pages so that the Google and other search engines associate your website with providing these services or products. This information also gives you the information you need to inform your customers of the services you offer.

It’s not just about placing all your keywords on a page
The placement of where you put your keywords is just as important as putting these words on a page. When keywords are found in the title tag they are given more importance and relevance than those found in the main text on the page. To have maximum impact you should include your  keywords in the title tag, in one of your sub headings and in the main text of the webpage. Including other related phrases within the content will reinforce the context and relevance of your main phrase for that page, however don’t just stuff your content full of keywords  and phrases, they must be useful.

Our keyword research service includes:

  • Brainstorming of key terms, using our tools searching for synonyms & analysis of competitor sites
  • Analysis of popularity and competitiveness of each keyword phrase
  • Selection of keyword terms to target
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