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Why Choose PPC?

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Pay per click is an extremely powerful advertising solution for businesses that want to get new customers or sales quickly, it can help both small and large businesses. Pay per click should be a marketing choice because of its quick results.

When choosing pay per click your business must take into account that a small budget is unlikely to go far, especially if you are in a competitive market. If your business is expecting to spend £10 a day you should consider longer tail keywords, If you budget is much bigger say £300 then you will have much more choice with your keywords.

Pay per click can produce great results when setup and managed correctly, so even small budgets can generate a great return on investment. The main reasons you should choose PPC for your online marketing is because of speed, conversion potential and because you can promote your business to the right people searching for your products/services.

How Quick can I see results?

Pay Per Click is as it sounds, you pay for your positioning, the more money you assign your advert the higher you will appear, the downside is that every time someone clicks your advert you have to pay, even if they don’t call or buy from your site. However configured correctly you can adjust your campaign to get a high ROI and this can be a very profitable form of marketing.
Pay Per Click can be a great way to start your online marketing campaign it ensures that your business is advertised at the top of Google. This can be very effective when working on competitive keywords and you are waiting for your SEO campaign to get your website to the top.

We only have a Small Budget will PPC still work?

It’s not a problem, PPC can work on any budget. Your campaigns performance will however depend on your budget vs. Target keyword market. For example, if you only have a £10 a day budget and want to show up for “insurance” your budget isn’t going to go far and you will unlikely see a return on your investment.

We work with many businesses with small budgets some as low as £10 a day when working on campaigns like this we will look at cheaper keyword targeting and niche opportunities where we can get a lower cost per click (CPC)

The minimum budget we recommend for any campaign is £10, anything less than this is unlikely to drive enough exposure for a good ROI.

Why Pay for Google AdWords

The main reason that people choose a pay per click method is that it will benefit your business straight away. For businesses that need an instant income from their new website or marketing campaign this is a great way to start seeing results fast. Pay per click can also be used to test keywords for your SEO campaign so you can see which words are offering a good ROI so you can target them in the organic searches.
With Google Adwords you can decide how much you wish to pay. The budget is in your hands. Once you have decided the keywords you wish to target you can set budgets so you don’t send to much. By adjusting your budget we can adjust the position your advert appears in which will increase your ROI.

Using Springer Marketing for your Pay Per Click

If you have looked into Google Adwords and have found it to be confusing, or if you think that perhaps you are not getting as good a ROI as you should be then give us a call and we can manage your campaign for you. We offer two services, the first is a one off setup fee we will setup your keywords and budgets for a one off fee and you can manage your campaign for the future. The other option is for us to manage your campaign on a monthly basis we monitor and tweak your campaign on an ongoing monthly basis tweaking cost per click to make sure you are getting the most from your campaign. The choice is yours.

We are a FULL Google Partner, this means that we have passed all the needed exams to qualify for their program, this means we have proven ourselves to be able to offer you the best Google Adwords Management service.

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