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Does Google AdWords Help With SEO?

Does Google AdWords Help With SEO?

Does Google AdWords Help With SEO?

We’re often asked by our customers if Goolge AdWords will help their SEO performance and improve their organic website rankings in Google.

From our testing and experience of managing a large number of AdWords campaigns in different sectors there is no direct connection between Google AdWords and how websites are ranked in  Google search results. So in short, Google AdWords has no direct impact on your websites performance and rankings.

Is there any connection between AdWords and SEO?
We have noticed that Google AdWords can however influence your organic rankings over time but not directly from using AdWords. There are many parts to Google’s algorithm from our tests this does include brand popularity and trust, these elements are are earned over time. These elements can be influenced by the level of your brand visibility and its reach within Google’s search results.

So you can use Google AdWords to increase your brand popularity and trust scores. A strong AdWords presence will lead to increased brand search activity and over time this will have a direct benefit on your organic Google rankings.

So whats the benefit of using AdWords and SEO together?
The main benefit of running both Google AdWords and having a great SEO program is that you will increase your presence on Google, the more times you are listed on a search results page, the higher the chance of your website being selected from those results. The more you increase your presence on Google the more your maximise your online traffic and lead generation opportunities.

Google AdWords is also a great way in increase the number of visitors to your website, leads and sales your website receives while your SEO campaign is being worked on. SEO takes time to gain results where as AdWords gives instant website traffic.

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