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Grow Your Business In St Leonards With A PPC Google Ads Agency That Delivers Results!

PPC marketing using Google Ads (formally known as Google AdWords) allows businesses like yours put their products & services in front of potential new customers who are actively searching for them. With a PPC marketing campaign managed by Springer Marketing your website will be there when customers are looking to either buy online or ready to call your business. We haved achieved great results for many businesses in St Leonards by working closely with the owners to make sure their campaigns and website convert visitors to new customers. We aren’t interested in just getting lots of visitors to your website we want to increase your sales and help you grow your business.

If you run or manage a business in St Leonards and you’re looking for more customers or looking to sell your products on your eCommerce store, you are in the right place we help businesses just like yours and we are here to offer advice and help you grow your business. We are here to help increase your incoming phone calls, drive sales and sell more online.

Everyone know the importance of the internet and the benefits of having your website found online, so if you want to grow your business in St Leonards give us a call and we can make sure your PPC campaign is a successful one.

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Lead Generating PPC Campaigns

We work with your St Leonards based business to really understand how your business works, who your customers are, and the USP’s your business offers. From this information we build and create PPC campaigns specifically for your business that will bring in inbound leads. Every business in St Leonards is different so it’s important that we get a good understand of your speecific business so we can build a campaign that doesn’t just bring in website visitors but the right visitors that will buy from you. Taking time to get to know your business is what makes Springer Marketing different to other PPC management companies in St Leonards and why our PPC campaigns generate a high ROI.

As a Google Partner we have the knowledge and skills to get your site ranking high in paid search and build PPC campaigns for businesses in St Leonards that deliver results. Using our knowledge and the latest and most advanced analytical software, we can track your advertisements and manage them accordingly. Through monitoring your ads, we can make the changes need to get the most from your budgets.

Partner With Springer Marketing To Manage Your PPC Google Ads

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Increase Website Visitors

Increase the amount of relevant traffic to your website from potential customers who are looking for your products or services. This will increase the chances of gain more leads and sales for your business. Using our knowledge of Google Ads and the information we gain from you we build Google Ads Campaigns that bring the right visitors to your website.


Increase Phone Calls

Increase the number of phone calls your business receives by finding our which keywords generate calls. Springer Marketing uses Call Conversions, call tracking software to find out which keywords make the phone ring  so we can bid higher on keywords that deliver calls and stop paying for keywords that only deliver traffic. Using this vitally important data helps us optimise your ads and build a successful campaign.

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Increase Sales

Increase the number of sales and leads your website generates with a successful Google Ads campaign. We make sure that we track all the metrics you class as conversions, that may include contact form submits, downloads or checkout purchases. We then use this data to make sure you are bidding on the right keywords and your Google Ads are optimised correctly.


Measure Your Growth

Because we track all available conversions it is possible for you to measure the growth of your campaigns. At the end of the month we provide you with a report that shows you in simple terms how many conversions your received and where they came from. This allows you to make sure your Google Ads are providing a great ROI and decide if you should be investing more money in your campaigns.

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Why Does My Google Ads Campaign Need Monthly Optimisation?

Continued optimisation of your campaigns will make them work better over time and as such will improve your ROI.

Monthly Google Ads management involves creating new ad groups and keywords, pausing ads or keywords that don’t convert, advising you of new suggestions, checking if the budget is adequate and advising you if you should increase or decrease it and ensuring your ads aren’t being shown for irrelevant keywords to name just a few tasks we complete.

Whats Involved In Setting Up A Google Ads Campaign?

Setting up a Google Ads campaign that works well is more complicated than you would think and involves a good knowledge of the system. Some of the tasks we complete when setting up a campaign are below:

  • Learn about your businesses advertising goals
  • Learn about your products and profitability of them
  • Decide which campaign types are best for your business
  • Keyword research
  • Create a campaign structure to best suit your marketing objectives.
  • Depending on your goals we may create several different campaigns.
  • Build ‘ad extensions’ to increase the click rates of your adverts and make your ads stand out.
  • Writing ad copy for your different adverts which we will later use to optimise your campaign
  • Setting up conversion tracking within Google Analytics and importing the goals in to Google Ads
  • Tweaking your website to allow conversion tracking

…and much more.

This does take more time than your would think but spending time on building the campaign correctly means you will save money and see a much higher ROI.

Can I Run My Own Google Ads Campaign?

The simple answer is yes you can however we normally find these are not optimised correctly and these campaigns are usually stopped because they aren’t producing results and people have wasted a lot of money.

Google Ads Is A Waste Of Money! Ive Tried It Before!

People have said this to us before and fortunatly we have had the opportunity to prove to them that it can work. The most common reason that people have this issue is down to not having conversion tracking setup and blindly running ads.

Running a Google Ads campaign without knowing how to use it properly can be a recipe for burning a lot of money VERY fast.

The other most common problem we see  are keywords being setup incorrectly, picking keywords that could also be used for something else or keywords that people use looking for information and not buying.

Once you have an experianced Google Ads manager from Springer Marketing working on your campaign, we can instantly fix things based on our knowledge of working on other campaigns, we can then setup conversion tracking so we can stop you wasting money on keywords that don’t produce results. Then you will have a campaign that WORKS!!!

What Is The Difference Between Google Ads and SEO?

SEO is a great digital marketing strategy but it is a longer term solution and doesn’t provide instant results. SEO involves your website being correclty set up which will ultimately bring you more visitors from Google’s organic search. You don’t pay per visitor for this type of traffic, but you do pay for the time it takes to optimise your website and this is an on going process.For the majority of businesses SEO is an important part of a digital marketing strategy and it’s important that it’s not overlooked.

Google Ads is a great way of bringing in instant targeted traffic to your website. It is very fast to set up, and means that you can instantly get traffic to your website which is much faster than SEO. Both of these digital marketing strategies are ongoing investments.

The main difference between Google Ads and SEO is that with SEO you have to invest first before seeing results, with Google Ads you only pay for results.

Both are important parts of digital marketing. It is also important to remember that some parts of SEO will also improve the quality and costs of your Google Ads campaigns.

How Do I Get Started With Google Ads

Google Ads can be tricky and takes a lot of trial and error if you haven’t worked with it before, so we recommend your first step is to give us a call and let us do the work for you. We don’t change to setup a campaign so use our experts to get high quality leads coming into your business.

How Much Are Google Ads?

The cost of Google Ads all comes down to you and your budget. Google Ads can work with almost any budget. Google Ads don’t have a minimum spend requirement however the cost per click is determined by you and your competitors as it works on a bid based system. This means some keywords are more expensive than others. Some industries have a low cost per click and others are very high. It’s also important to think about the value of a conversions, sometimes lower cost clicks don’t get conversions so it’s important to think about the ROI not just the cost. You can also stop your Google Ads at anytime.

What is PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising?

PPC (Pay Per Click) means that you only pay when someone clicks on your advert NOT everytime it is displayed,

Are There Different Types Of Google Ads?

Yes there are:

  • Search Network campaigns – these are usually in text based form. This type of Google Ads are the type you are most used to seeing and appear in the usual search results when people are searching Google.
  • Call Only Adverts – As above these appear in Google search results but do not link to a website and are designed when you want a click to go straight to a phone call.
  • Display Network campaigns – these are usually in an image form, these ads are set to appear on different websites that you specify.
  • Video Ad campaigns – as the name suggests these are videos and usually up to 15 second long. These ads are the ones you see right before or during YouTube videos.
How Does Google Ads Work?

Google Ads works by displaying your advert/website when people search for the specific search words and phrases you want to be found for. When setup correctly, Google Ads places your adverts in front of potential customers as they are searching for them.

  1. You start by thinking about what words and phrases people might use when wanting to buy your products/services and add them into the system, including the amount you want to pay per click.
  2. Next you can select the geographic areas where you want your ads to be shown, these might be local to your business or cover the whole country or even the world!
  3. Then you need to create your advert and link it to your website. You can even set daily budget caps so you don’t spend more than you want to.

Google will need to approve your ads but once completed your adverts will be displayed as you set it up and the great thing is you only pay when your advert is clicked not every time its displayed!

What Is The Difference Between Google AdWords and Google Ads?

Nothing! Google Ads is the new name and branding given to Google AdWords.

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads which was formerly know as Google AdWords or Google AdWords Express, is an online PPC (pay per click) advertising platform that allows businesses to pay to appear at the top of Google. Businesses can choose the keywords they want people to find them for, create custom adverts and set the maximum amount they want to pay per click on their advert.

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