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Get more customers to your shop in Cornwall

Get more customers to your shop in Cornwall

Get more customers to your shop in Cornwall

If you run a shop in Cornwall and are wondering how you can get more people through your shop door.

Having a great window display, great signage is great for attracting customers passing by, but what if people don’t know you even exist? What if potential customers in the next town are looking for what you are selling and don’t know about your shop? What about tourists, maybe you have what they are looking for but they don’t know you are there? This is where digital marketing can help your business.

The first thing anyone with a shop should have is a Google My Business page.

Let’s assume that a customer urgently needs to get new tyres for their car and he lives in Newquay, Cornwall. Out of a habit, he types in Google “buy tyres cornwall” and sees the following results.

As you can see by the blue dot, Google knows your location and has listed related searches. If the user had typed in a more specific town such as Newquay they would have been provided for more results closer to that town.

If you could get your business in that search box, more people would find your business and more people would come through your door. The great news is that Google My Business, if FREE.


  • Google My Business is FREE!
  • You can open your doors to people by showing them photo of your store. You can add photos of products you sell, interior and exterior photos of your shop.
  • Your phone number and website address are clickable. It takes just one click to contact you.
  • It looks great on any device, Phone, Tablet or computer
  • With online reviews, you can see what people think of your business to improve your service.


  • Visit https://www.google.com/business/ and click “Get on Google”.
  • Select or create the Google account you want to use and sign in.
  • Fill in the details about your business, make sure all the information is 100% accurate.
  • Select which ever applies to your business  in the “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” section. If you select Yes, the following step will ask you to select the areas you are willing to travel too.
  • Google will now create your Google + page with your address you inputted. Check “I am authorized to manage this business” and click continue.
  • Google will need you to verify your business so click on “Mail me my Code”. Your code will be sent to your business location.

Congratulations! You now have Google My Business set up for your business!

    Before you have access to your dashboard, Google offers a quick tour of Google My Business. Click “Get Started” to be shown around or you can also skip the tour by clicking “Skip Tour”.
    • The next step is to add a Profile photo to the account. To do so click “Add profile photo” under the profile % completion bar on your dashboard.
  • Continue the same process to add your business hours, contact information, any additional photos, your website, and finally an intro to your page. Then click “Done Editing”. The more information you can add the better and more likely you will be first in the map listings.

You now have customised and set up Google My Business! All of Google’s helpful services will now be at your disposal in one place. Potential customers will also now be able locate you more efficiently.

DONT FORGET – Make sure to verify your business once the pin is received or your listing will not become active!

But this isn’t all you need to do. With so many businesses online you may not be listed in the top 3. To get your business found you need to give other signals to Google. The first is to make sure your business name and address is properly listed on your website using schema markup you entered when setting up your listing (you may need help from your website designer with this). The next thing you need to do is to find as many website directories on the internet and setup your free business profiles, make sure your company name, address, phone number and website address are EXACTLY the same as the details you setup earlier. Google will use this information to confirm your business information. The next step is to get as many reviews on your My Business page as possible. Encourage your customers to leave a review online.


Other things to look at include looking your website, make sure you have a good design, your website is SEO friendly and if budget allows use an SEO agency to push your website up Googles search results. Also up your social media game, look into using Facebook to tell customers about special offers, new stock and introduce yourself and your staff. Think about instagram to showcase your store, im sure you are proud of your fantastic shop and the great products you sell so put photos online get your potential customers excited.

If you need help with any of the above, we offer services to help you with any of the steps above, please feel free to contact us.

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