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LiveChat & ChatBot Design and Implementation

Thousands Of Businesses Use A ChatBot On Their Website

Potential customers are already on your website. You are missing sales?

So you have potential customers already on your website thanks to your digital marketing, PPC, SEO and Social Media. But are you proactively reaching out to them to get their attention and start a conversation, just like you would if they walked into a physical store? Do you have potential customers browsing for a few minutes then leaving your site without leaving any contact information. You may be losing these potential sales maybe forever!

Reach Potential Customers With a ChatBot

The solution to reach these potential customers with your chatbot 24/7,  is to capture their attention and start a conversation with a ChatBot. Using your own sales speech your online ChatBot helps you engage with potential new customers.
You can choose to use only your chatbot, livechat, or combination of both. You’re in control and choose what’s right for your business.

Examples Of Using A ChatBot

Lead Generation Chatbot

The Lead Generation Chatbot reaches out to every visitor on website 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your ChatBot can answers questions and find new customers without the need for a human to be online answering questions. Your ChatBot can gather names, phone numbers and email address of potential leads and emails the information direct to you so you can close the sale. Your ChatBot can respond to any pre-sale questions and can learn from visitors to help you improve answers.

Lead generation ChatBots are popular for car dealerships, solicitors, hotels, campsites, medical services, professional services, B2B leads, and stores. A lead generation ChatBot can increase in leads up to 300%

Customer Service Chatbots

Your customer service ChatBot can help your website visitors 24 hours a day. Your ChatBot can answer hundreds of questions instantly without the need for you to be at a computer. Your ChatBot can help to reduce inquiries coming to your phone or email by learning to respond to all common customer service questions. Your ChatBot can put any unanswered questions to a human operator with built-in contact forms or via LiveChat.
Customer service ChatBots are popular with schools, government, healthcare, online service, technical support, troubleshooting, off-hour resolution with results of up to 80% reduction in phone calls and emails.

e-Commerce Chatbot

Your e-commerce Chatbot can increase the conversion rate on your website by up to 50%. It can answer hundreds of questions instantly 24 hours a day. Your Chatbot is able to remove obstacles in the buying process without the need for you to be available at a phone or computer. ChatBots can reduce cart abandonment and increases conversions by learning how to respond to all common questions asked by potential buyers. It enables visitors to get in touch with human support with built-in contact form or via LiveChat.

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