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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

So you’ve built a website for your business and you’re working on improving your search engine rankings. So what else can you do to increase your online sales?

As it turns out, the answer is a lot!

In this blog post we’re going to tell you four simple techniques you can apply to your our companies website to successfully boost your sales and grow your sales.

1. Capture Email Addresses

You may not be aware but most people wont purchase the first time that they come to your website, some reports even suggest that it takes as much as seven visits before a person will commit to a sale.

So one way to encourage repeat visits to your website is to keep a good mailing list. You can encourage new people to sign up to your list with special offers, such as emailing them a discount code if they sign up to your newsletter. A regular newsletter allows you to provide valuable trust-building content to your leads.

Over time you will build up rapport and name-recognition with your potential new clients. When you send out a mailshot informing potential new customers of a special offer or a new product release you’ll find far higher response rates from your mailing list than from “cold” visitors who are arriving at your website for the very first time.

Capturing your clients email addresses and sending regular newsletters and special offers allows you to convert that one time client into a repeat business, improving your return on investment.

2. Retargeting

Once again, when a new potenital customer arrives on your website they might be ready to buy at that time, as we said above it is more likely they will buy after a few more visits. Maybe the they got distracted or maybe they were carrying out research, or even waiting until they get paid.

The problem is sometimes the potential customer wont remember your name when the time comes to purchase and they will spend their money with someone else.

Retargettng is the solution to this problem.

You know when you search for “red socks” and next minute all you see are adverts for “red socks” this is exactly what retargeting is.

When someone visits your page you tag them and then follow them around the internet showing them an advert for your website. You can do this with Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising.

You can even include an image of the product they were looking at in the advert.

This method should be a part every marketing activity.

While some people find retargeting rather annoying, it can be highly effective in increasing sales for your business and if your aren’t doing it your competitors are. Not only are you advertising to a group of people who have already shown interest in your product or service but the costs of reaching these carefully targeted individuals is often less than untargeted forms of paid advertising.

3. Split Testing

Split testing is the process of creating different versions of your website copy to show to each visitor.

Using your homepage as an example. You could try different colour schemes, content, call to actions or product pictures. You are basically completing mini experiments to see which performs better, the winner gets to stay as a permanent feature.

In other words split testing allows you to accurately and scientifically identify what your buyers want when visiting your website.

4. Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our fourth suggestion for improving your online sales is to invest in professional conversion rate optimisation services. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of making improvements to a website’s content, layout and design in order to boost sales.

CRO achieves a similar result as split testing but much quicker. The reason why CRO brings quicker results is that you are using an experienced conversion rate expert that has completed the experiments that you will be working on before, they know what works and what doesn’t.

While your CRO expert will need to complete some testing, your CRO expert will be able to make suggestions that will more than likely make near-instant improvements, rather than split testing which can a lot longer to gather data and implement the changes.

5. LiveChat

We have seen huge increases in conversions for clients that have added LiveChat to their websites. People want answers and they want the fast! LiveChat allows people to ask any questions they may have taking them one step closer to a sale.

Contact form submission rates have been on a decline for a while now, so if you can answer questions a potential has you will be more likely to make a sale.


The reality of the situation is that SEO, AdWords and Social Media no longer exists in a vacuum. That is to say if you want more customers it isn’t just enough to focus on these activities.

The above strategies allow you to increase your conversion rates and your profits, they also allow you to boost your sales without the need for more traffic.

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